Smarter TakeOut Kiosk

Online ordering is no longer a way to stand out in the restaurant industry; instead, it is a solution you can’t afford to be without. With the advance of information technologies and the popularity of Internet sales, online takeout ordering is an option your restaurant’s customers expect you to have.

With Smarter Takeout™ your restaurant can cater to the tastes and demands of tech-savvy customers and exempt them from all sorts of hassle.

ITPS Smarter Takeout means:

Smarter Integration

Seamless integration with your point-of-sale system and website. Custom-tailored solutions to meet your restaurant’s specific needs.

Smarter Ordering Process

Orders are sent directly to your POS software. Automated payments for accuracy. Less labor and increased staff performance.

Smarter Customer Service

Convenience for customers – higher satisfaction and loyalty. Increase sales growth. Easy-to-use interface for an exciting experience.

Smarter Selling Opportunities

Built-in functional promotions to increase sells and cross-selling. Suggested sells, daily specials, customer order history. Increase each check 15-40%.