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Online and mobile customers are savvy in today’s world. They expect a concise, user-friendly experience when interacting with your restaurant. Efficiency is the key to the success of your online or mobile ordering systems.

The following are best practices to consider while deciding on what elements to add to your Smarter Takeout Ordering System:

Provide Location Info/Map to your Business

Setting up your ordering system with this feature will not only give customers valuable information; it will also help search engine mapping software locate your business and ensure your location is featured on all the online and mobile mapping software and apps.

Only use HTML

Over half of the devices and computers on the market today are Apple-based. Apple is not compatible with components or systems built on Flash. Stick to HTML. Additionally, HTML presents your information cleanly and concisely without all of the “flashy” gimmicks that plague Flash interfaces.

Use Indexable Menus

Your menus should contain keywords and be short and to the point. Reserve the long detailed descriptions for the printed menus.

Employ Optimized Images

Proper usage of images can improve your search engine rankings. Include images of menu items and make sure all the images are tagged and set up for optimal search engine indexing. (This comes standard in all Smarter Takeout Systems.)

Offer Promotions

To entice your customers, consistently offer new and exciting promotions for daily specials, featured items, seasonal items, and new menu items.