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Smarter Takeout’s online and mobile ordering systems boost profits while reducing costs.

Let’s face it—the restaurant business is highly competitive.

To continue to thrive in a demanding economy, businesses must evolve to accommodate the changing consumer demand for efficiency and time-saving measures. Customers want an easy, user-friendly way to do all daily tasks including ordering or booking reservations to their favorite restaurants. Gone are the days of customers calling in and waiting on hold to place an order or book a reservation—they demand better use of their time. Placing an order over the phone takes over 5 minutes. Placing and order online takes about 1-2 minutes.

Customers today expect businesses to provide an easy online or mobile-friendly solution to the services offered. Give your customers the convenience and efficiency of ordering online or by mobile devices. This cost effective investment into your business will increase efficiency and generate additional ordering opportunities. Click here to start earning more today!

Average Smarter Takeout clients see orders increase by 15 to 20%

Increasing your bottom line is as easy as 1–2–3–4.

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Sign up today and get started building out your custom ordering system

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Select from an array of dynamic designs to meet your menus’ needs

Step 3

Submit all information to Smarter Takeout via easy-to-use upload portal

Step 4

Review your ordering system layout and go live.

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Smarter Takeout’s online and mobile ordering systems boost profits while reducing costs.

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